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In 2019, Renaud Duchêne founded RD Sports Consultancy, building on a long and rich experience as a company lawyer in various and inspiring sectors like ‘fast moving consumer goods’ and sports. During those challenging and exciting years, RD Sports Consultancy grew exponentially.


Our clients’ legal challenges have become more and more complex. They go beyond sports law and touch upon other legal issues such as immigration and civil law,….


In 2022 the time had therefore come to take things to the next level and to develop a new and more global approach. That is why RD Sports Consultancy became TactX. We now offer a wider array of services to our clients with sports law remaining our core activity.


In these uncertain and complex times, TactX will be your legal adviser and guide on your way to the top. We will take care of the legal problems that make your life difficult.


Everybody knows that both in individual and in collective sports you need a plan, a tactic,  to win a game, to finish first and to reach success. The same is true in business. That is why our slogan is: No Words, Only Acts’.


Our goal is to help you fast and efficiently, in other words: to ACT.

In Sport, everybody knows that for winning a game, being the first, reaching successes, you need a scheme, a tactic, for individual but surely also for collective sports. This Schem or Tactic is also applicable to other aspects of business life !

Our slogan is: No Words, Only Acts.
Our goal is to help you DIRECTLY and CONCRETELY as soon as possible, in one word: to ACT.

The world is moving fast and you need to find solutions, to develop, expand your activities swiftly, without losing time in endless discussions. You have probably met lawyers who are good at talking in luxurious offices, but who are difficult to reach, charging high fees and leaving you with your initial problem unsolved. Our approach is radically different.


We offer you availability and flexibility (not just from nine to five) for a reasonable price, tailored to your requirements and financial resources. When needed, TactX will act with tact, diplomacy and discretion. Many cases, especially in litigation, need a specific approach and many lawyers forget this. You cannot handle the transfer of a football player like you handle a debt recovery or a criminal case.


Often people do not know they infringe the law. TactX will show you how to avoid infringements and how to comply with the law.


TactX is therefore THE IDEAL PARTNER to get legal advice to avoid unnecessary litigation, to launch proceedings when needed or to reach a settlement agreement.